2018 Saudi Aramco Process Safety Conference (SAPSC)


8th to 9th October 2018


Al Khobar
Le Méridien Hotel

About the Conference

Saudi Aramco Process Safety Conference (SAPSC) is hosted and organized by Loss Prevention Department (LPD). It has been held every two years since 2007 under the title of Process Safety Technical Exchange Meeting (PSTEM). It has been renamed as the Saudi Aramco Process Safety Conference (SAPSC) to reflect its growing importance in Saudi Aramco and in the region. The objective of this conference is to provide a forum for an exchange of technical information and to enhance the understanding of process safety in Saudi Aramco and other regional companies. The conference also provides a networking opportunity for professionals in the field of process safety.

This year, LPD is hosting the 6th process safety event, which will be held on October 8-9 at Le Méridien Hotel, Al-Khobar. 2018 SAPSC aims to demonstrate the importance of process safety as a key factor for successful business and to promote a culture of operational excellence. The theme of the event is “Process Safety Excellence: Foundation for Business Success.” The event will include two keynote speeches, 24 technical presentations, and two panel discussions.

Engineers and professionals from LPD, other Saudi Aramco organizations, and outside consulting firms in the oil and gas industry have all submitted papers for presentation at the 2018 conference. Speakers have also been invited from Saudi Aramco and international safety consulting companies. The target audience consists of engineers, scientists, and safety professionals in the oil and gas industry. This includes both upstream and downstream organizations within Saudi Aramco, as well as from other companies.

Why you should attend this conference

Stay Ahead of the Curve

2018 SAPSC gathers leaders and professionals from Saudi Aramco and regional companies to share knowledge and experiences, promoting the development and adoption of best-in-class process safety practices and highlighting the latest research aimed at driving business success.

Hear from Senior Leaders

Senior industry leaders from different organizations will deliver keynote presentations and participate in panel discussions to provide their insight on how process safety is being managed within their organizations, what’s working for them, and their thoughts on the future.

Networking Opportunities

There will be plenty of opportunity to network with speakers and industry peers. 2018 SAPSC is a key event where you can expand your professional network with experts and discuss recent advancements in the field of process safety.

Comprehensive Technical Insight

2018 SAPSC presentations will cover functional areas in process safety that are key to managing process safety hazards effectively: engineering and design, systems and procedures, knowledge and competency, PSM implementation, applications of risk management, human factors, and safety culture.

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Bader Al Qadran


Technical Keynote Speakers

H. Kadri

Executive Director, CCPS, AIChE

Shakeel Kadri is a renowned global leader in process safety. For the past three years, as the Executive Director of Center for Chemical Process Safety [CCPS], he has passionately driven CCPS' mission to help the industry minimize significant process safety incidents. In this role, he has focused his efforts on advancing the CCPS mission globally, with particular emphasis on improving “Responsible Collaboration” with CCPS’ key stakeholders and other process safety organizations globally.


Chief HSE Officer, Baker Hughes

Jack Hinton is Chief Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer of Baker Hughes, a GE Company. With 40 years of experience, he is known across the industry for his insights into strategic directions that yield efficiency, effectiveness, and step-change. Hinton most recently served as Executive Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment at Baker Hughes.


7:00 am

Registration/ Networking Breakfast

8:00 am

Welcome Speech

8:15 am

Saudi Aramco Leadership Keynote Address

8:45 am

Technical Keynote Address

9:30 am

Break/ Exhibition

10:00 am

Leadership Panel Discussion

11:30 am

Lunch Break

12:30 pm

Session 1: Process Safety Management Implementation

Process safety management is a key component for organizations and the implementation of PSM varies from one organization to another. This session will explore utilization of organizational resources as means of effectively implementing process safety management to ensure business success.

This session will also highlight the impact of organizational culture including adaptation of local element on process safety management implementation, and the impact of effective collaboration between operational organizations and safety entity.

12:30 pm

Session 2: Applications of Risk Management Techniques

Risk management is the process of identification, evaluation, and prioritization of risks followed by application of economic resources to monitor and control the likelihood and possible consequences of unfortunate events to maximize the benefit. In the industry, there are different applications and techniques to manage each hazard based on its nature and consequences.

The oil and gas field has numerous hazards and risks that could arise from different sources and have multiple consequences. This session will highlight some of the different risk management applications and techniques that can be implement to help reduce risks from different operations in oil and gas processes.

2:00 pm

Break/ Exhibition

2:30 pm

Session 3: Human Factors in Process Safety

Integrating human factors into process safety is an essential step in preventing exposure to both hazardous materials and major accidents. Therefore, comprehensive process safety management is expected to address all types of human factors, including human failure identification and improving factors affecting error probability.

In this session, the use of human reliability analysis as a tool for evaluating conduct of operations, work instructions, and training will be discussed. The effect of human factors and human errors on process safety incidents will also be presented.

2:30 pm

Session 4: Managing Asset Integrity

Asset integrity management provides a framework to ensure the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently while preventing and mitigating major incidents. It focuses on the main integrity elements: risk identification and mitigation, safety critical elements, and integrity performance standards.

This session will discuss the outcome of optimum design, construction and operating practices by controlling assets throughout the lifecycle. In addition, incidents caused by issues related to asset integrity will be presented and the lessons learned will be shared. Examples of how models, such as “bow-tie” model, can be used to demonstrate how functional safety or safety integrity fit into the broader asset integrity management system will be discussed.

7:00 am

Networking/ Breakfast

7:15 am

Technical Keynote Address

8:00 am

Technical Panel Discussion

9:00 am

Break/ Exihbition

9:30 am

Session 5: Safety Culture and Behavioral Based Safety

Safety culture is a crucial element for the health of any organization. It is the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, and patterns of behavior that determine the commitment to proficiency of an organization’s safety. A positive safety culture and effective implementation of behavior-based safety have a direct impact on organizations in several ways, including incident prevention.

This session will enumerate the various elements of a good organizational safety culture and how to move from a vulnerable stage, through reactive, compliant, and proactive phases to a resilient. In addition, examples of behavior-based safety best practices that can aid organizational health will be examined.

9:30 am

Session 6: Best Practices & Latest Update in Process Safety

It is important to be aware of the latest update in process safety as well as to adopt best practices that have been implemented in the industry. In this session, application of the latest developments as a means to effectively managing process safety at various levels will be explored. Indeed, implementing industry best practices promise many advantages to organizations that adopt them.

Use of fire and structural engineering concepts to optimize passive fire protection will be discussed, as well as managing process safety by harnessing the power of digitalization. The session will provide highlights on the latest updates on design engineering standards that address process safety.

11:00 am

Break/ Exhibition

11:15 am

Session 7: Performance Sustainability & Measurement in Process Safety

An effective process safety management system that enables the identification, elimination, reduction, and mitigation of risks resulting from operations is mandatory. The use of key performance indicators (KPI) to measure and analyze process safety performance and ensure sustainability is widespread, but the effectiveness of KPIs can be difficult to achieve.

In this session, organizations will share their experience with establishing and maintaining process safety KPIs as a means of effectively measuring, scoring, and promoting process safety performance. Implementation of the enterprise risk management framework and lessons learned will be shared as well.

11:15 am

Session 8: Proactive Measures for Managing Process Safety

Most organizations put enormous effort into measuring key performance indicators, lagging indicators, yet they underestimate the value and importance of key leading indicators that can help in preventing incidents before they occur.

In this session, recognizing catastrophic incident warning signs in the process industry will be discussed. Preventing process safety incidents by utilizing effective management of change tools and systems will be discussed.

12:45 pm

Concluding Remarks

1:00 pm


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